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 May 2016  

Aural Symphonics Echelon Digital se2 interconnect released. 75 ohm high speed precision data cable SPDIF.

Revised for 2016, new voodoo ground circuit, reduced module size, new cosmetics, supplied with RCA/BNC adaptors.

Hand assembled, WBT locking connectors, 1.30 meter length. Original design was on the cover of  Hong Kong respected magazine Audiophile 2002.

Excellent fidelity, explosive dynamics, reference transfer of ones and zeros. Aural Symphonics, Symphony for the Senses ©
















January 2016

Celebrating 30 years 1986-2016. 

Aural Symphonics is a boutique high end audio company. We specialize in exceptional performance, lifestyle, consumer products.

We are grateful to audiophiles world wide, members of the press, dealers, distributors, industry associates.

Aural Symphonics, Symphony for the Senses TM

Aural Symphonics at 30 years continues to develop product choices to meet a broad variety of needs and preference that directly contribute to improving performance of music & cinema systems. Aural Symphonics creates technology to excel, enhance, communicate and, recover hidden performance in products connected together with wire cable or optical fiber.  Aural Symphonics provides a diverse product portfolio with solutions for analog, digital, optical and, power.  A world introduction at the 1986 Consumer Electronics Show in Chicago IL, Aural Symphonics has historically provided the consumer electronics industry a rich product line with sustainable and different products. At Aural Symphonics, the mission statement is very simple; Winning the world over one meter at a time. Aural Symphonics is a category leader in digital cables, digital fiber optic cables, analog power cables and, analog interconnect and speaker cables.


 November 2013

Dream + Design + Listen + Serendipity + Build

 The All New 2014 Aural Symphonics models.  

 Ultra Cube se2      Cappuccino se2      Magic Gem se3       Prince se4   

 Chrono speaker cable      Chrono 0114b interconnect      Chrono b2 interconnect 

 AS-ONE xxv speaker cable      AS-ONE xxv interconnect 


May 2013

Positive Feedback ISSUE 67
May / June  2013

Aural Symphonics Ultra Cube XXV power cable, Magic Gem v2t power cable, Chrono speaker cable, Chrono b2 interconnect  reviewed by Guido D. Corona of  Positive 

 Guido D. Corona's comments:  "with that elusive Goldielockian principle that I always seek, an eminent musical neutrality, where images remain centered on a large stage; where vocal plosives are contained; where the treble is extended without a metallic sheen on overtones"

 "I can comfortably state that the Aural Symphonics Magic Gem and Ultra Cube XXV power cords, the Chrono XLR interconnects, and the Chrono speaker wires are capable of yielding an enviable cabling reference point in many reference-level audio systems."



May 2013

HIGH END 2013 show in Munich Germany. Image-HiFi award event,  award presented to Aural Symphonics Magic Gem v2t.

Importer Evidenz Audio, Georg is there to recieve the award.

link:  Image HiFi Award 2013 - Die Party - YouTube

link:  Image HiFi - Magic Gem v2t


February 2012

Positive Feedback ISSUE 59
january/february 2012

Aural Symphonics Ultra Cube XXV power cable, Digital Standard XXV spdif, Digital Standard XXV usb cables  reviewed by Andy Schaub of  Positive 

Andy Schaub comments:  "I cannot emphasize enough how clean and pure but natural the midrange was" 



March 2011  Aural Symphonics Magic Gem power cable reviewed by Uwe Kirbach published by Image Hifi (DE) April- March 2011.


February 2011 Website update, new products Aural Symphonics XXV, Chrono speaker cable, Chrono b2 speaker cable, Digital Statement 2, Optimism Lotus.


January 2011 Design + materials + 25 years engineering + aesthetics = excellence. Aural Symphonics XXV line. Celebrating 25 years 1986 - 2011.


December 2010 Aural Symphonics Chrono interconnect and Purple v3 speaker cable reviewed by Ray Seda of 

Ray Seda comments:  "Aural Symphonics cables have yielded a blacker background to the soundstage. In addition, the cumulative effect of each of the cables resulted in a wide and deep soundstage that is highly resolute and transparent.

At the same time, the cables yielded cleaner, faster, and more powerful bass... vocal range was notably clean, fluid, and silken smooth, while at the same time emerging from a slightly distant image."

link:   Chrono & Purple v3 review on


September 2010 Aural Symphonics Magic Gem v2t and Cappuccino power cables reviewed by Ray Seda of 

Ray Seda comments:  "Once again, the results remained consistent, the dead silent and black backgrounds, and sheer weight, scale, tunefulness, timing, and detail my system demonstrated with playing

this CD proves beyond any reasonable doubt that my system has attained a much higher plane of performance. The Magic Gem v2t, in particular, had made across-the-board improvements that simply defy reason. After all, we are talking about power cords."

"The Aural Symphonics Cappuccino power cords provided a build quality, level of technology, sonic performance (e.g. level of detail) and noise reduction that belied its fairly modest price point "

link:  Magic Gem v2t & Cappuccino review on

Dagogo Review: Aural Symphonics Magic Gem v2t & Cappuccino Review

Dagogo Review: Aural Symphonics Magic Gem v2t & Cappuccino Review


August 2010 Aural Symphonics accompanies Pass Labs X350.5 reviewed by Ray Seda of 

Dagogo Review: Pass Labs X350.5

Ray Seda comments:  " I used the superb Aural Symphonics Magic Gem v2t power cord over the full term of the review period, and I configured the rest of the system using

Aural Symphonics cables throughout. I have been reviewing the Magic Gem v2t power cords, Chrono interconnects, and Purple v3 speaker cables for the past few months and

I decided that the performance they bring to the table would be very well-suited for the Pass X350.5."

link: Pass Labs X350.5 review on


June 2010 Aural Symphonics Echelon Digital interconnect reviewed by Ed Momkus of 

Ed Momkus comments:  " I really like the Transparent Reference digital cables, but in the Echelon, Aural Symphonics managed to equal the Transparent References strengths while improving on

top-end extension and midrange transparency."  "I recommend the Aural Symphonics Echelon digital cable without any reservations."

link: Echelon Digital review on


June 2010 Aural Symphonics introduces updated digital video cable the Aural Vision HDMI.

Aural Vision HDMI digital video cable defines the cutting edge of digital video performance supporting updated specifications and features.

Blu Ray, over the air high definition, satellite or 3D video as source in 720p 1080i, 1080p Aural Vision HDMI  is engineered to produce a clearer, sharper, brighter image.


August 2009  Cappuccino power cable receives a new rave review, August 2009 Audiophile Magazine, Hong Kong.  Audiophile Magazine's  Charlie Ma wrote:

 "Aural Symphonics is a pioneer in the field of hi-end AC power cable products, established the status of power transmission in the scope of audio."

 "From the same family of MAGIC GEM and PRINCE, CAPPUCCINO offers the family fingerprint on a best-buy price.""On the CD player, the CAPPUCCINO offers pleasing and moving reproduction."


August 2009 Aural Symphonics Chrono interconnect and Hybrid v3 speaker cable reviewed by Ed Momkus of 

Ed Momkus comments:  "Aural Symphonics' latest cables are terrific designs, clearly among the best I've tested."

link:  Chrono & Hybrid v3 review on


January 2009  Photos added to Products page of  Hybrid v3, Purple v3, Chrono, Digital Standard, Magic Gem v2t, Prince v2t, Cappuccino, Missing Link Bus. 


September 2008  Aural Symphonics Optimism emm optical interconnect summarized in the article HP's Editors' Choice, page 145, October 2008  The Absolute Sound  magazine.  Harry Pearson's comments: "the Aural Symphonics trounced the Meitner "


April 2008  Aural Symphonics active exhibit at HIGHEND 2008 at the M.O.C. in Munich.  Exhibitor WBS / Evidenz Audio at E117 Atrium 4.


April 2008   Additions to REVIEWS page. Two reviews from Audiophile, Super AV and The Absolute Sound.  Photo of Prince power cable shown in popular theater black color. New Aural Vision HDMI cables rated 1080p/24 version 1.3.  Cappuccino power cables manufactured January 2008 are Cryogenic Infusion processed. 


April 2007  Super AS-One analog interconnect reviewed in the April 2007 issue of Audiotechnique magazine of Hong Kong.  Simon's comments:

"Nearly a quarter century, since the first generation of AS-One was introduced at the Chicago CES 1986.... Aural Symphonics keep on improving its interconnect cable....the latest generation of Super AS-One is a unique design and offers heart-warming sound, rich mid-high details and plays music in a moving mood just like a good wine.... drunk by the beauty of music... no challenger in this class"


February 2007   Litchfield Park, AZ  Aural Symphonics LLC ( with its Optimism v2.2006 fiber optic cables contributes to the success of products review Wadia Series 921/931 DAC with the  270se transport  in The Absolute Sound magazine February 2007 issue. Six Optimism v2.2006 fiber optic cables were connected between all  data and clocks, providing an audible improvement to the Wadia system. Reviewer Allan Taffel noted in a lengthy side bar very positive satisfaction with Aural Symphonics Optimism v2.2006 in the system, excelling his listening pleasure far beyond what is provided with the stock Wadia fiber optic cables.


November 2006  Prince v2t power cable.  After much anticipation the Prince returns mixing proven successful technology with our latest innovations in version v2t. The Prince has gained some weight yet is somehow very transparent. One cable can transform your listening experience and bring back excitement. By removing filters so commonly used in today's industry, there is nothing between you and the performers in the virtual soundstage.  International release November 2006, formal intro 2007 WCES.


June 2006  Magic Gem v2t power cable on the June 2006 cover of Audiophile magazine, Hong Kong. Audiophile magazine's Y. K. Chan wrote a 7-page review on the Magic Gem v2t.

Y. K. s' comments

"It is the best A.C. cable that I have ever auditioned"
"I cannot imagine, after decades involvement in the Hi Fi game, this A. C. cable still delighted me so much."
"Better the equipment you have, stronger the impact that Magic Gem v2t can provide."


April  2006  New product release Magic Gem v2t power cable.  The sound is powerful, revealing and more dynamic, it's a Magic Gem! 

Vision Master Honolulu, an upgrade that has been requested and co-developed by our retailer in Honolulu, Hawaii. We added an external PVC barrier covering 80-90% of the conductors,  a static electricity shield is created for long cables lying on the floor or via conduit. 

website page updates: Magic Gem v2t, Super AS-One, Optimism v2.2006


March 2006  New product release  Super AS-One analog interconnect. Cosmetics  goes retro with white nylon jacket and all gold rca's from a high profile supplier.

Aural Symphonics will be investigating how our current cable technology for HDMI performs with the new HD DVD and Blu-ray formats, electronics and discs.

Aural Symphonics Cappuccino was selected by Hong Kong's  Audiophile magazine as the "Best Buy of 2006"


January 2006  Missing Link Bus is updated with new Aural Symphonics cryogenic infusion internal wire. The latest series ML Bus is designated as v5cryo.  

New cable reviews from Hong Kong and Singapore pending.

Optimism emm active in the Halcro room at The Home Entertainment Show. Halcro introduced the dm88 monoblock amplifier and Philip O'Hanlon's room sounded stunning.


November 2005  Products page updated with new entries:

Optimism emm, Chrono, SACD sets, DVD-Audio sets. 

Optimism emm goes into production and is released to dealers and importers.

Optimism emm is not generic. Optimism emm is not ordinary. Optimism emm stands out no matter how you look at it. Hear it and listen like you've never listened before.


Summer 2005  Several new products  release.

Chrono analog interconnect, cryogenic infusion processed.

Super AS-One analog interconnect, cryogenic infusion processed.

SACD & DVD-AUDIO cable sets from the new Chrono and Super AS-One line.

Aural Vision DVI video cables push the envelope with performance to the 165mhz barrier.

Aural Vision DVI optical, fiber optic video cables.

Aural Vision HDMI video cables push the envelope with performance to the 165mhz barrier.

RJ45 control cable,  did you think we leave you out of the digital loop? No way!


April 2005  Chrono received a highly acclaimed Chief Editor's Note by Y. K. Chan, Audiophile Magazine
He rates Chrono as: "Outstanding", "Surely qualified to join the King's Club", "Silky and lively",
"Aural Symphonics wins a battle again!"


March 2005  Magic Gem power cable does it over and over, one more time, again and again!! "The Viagra of power cables!!" "recommended by two reviewers of Hong Kong's Audiophile magazine as a "Best Product of the Year 2004"


Jan 2005  Echelon Digital, digital cable does it again!!  Rating 99 ( the highest rating of any cable in the issue) 2004 Top Choice Award Winner, The Year's Finest Products from DVD ETC. magazine. Issue January/February 2005 Vol.4 NO.1


Jan 2005  Chrono and Super AS-One analog interconnect cables debut at 2005 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  Both cables begin early production for February release. Chrono will use the new WBT 0110cu as an RCA  connector.


May 2004  Magic Gem power cable does it again!!  On the cover of May 2004  Home Theater, The Hi Vi magazine of Hong Kong.  Magic Gem kicks the electrons out of six other cables in a power cable projector shoot out. 

   Home Theater May 2004, cover










March 2004  Magic Gem power cable on the cover of March 2004  HiFi Review!!

  Hifi Review March 2004, cover.









January 2004  Magic Gem power cable cannon balls into 2004, making a big splash in the Hong Kong market. 

  "everything sounds so natural, so analog , so real, I almost cried..."   "the air, the openness, the harmonics are unbelievable..." comments from a dealer

 "Magic Gem is quite an advancement in a.c. cable design!"  comments from a distributor


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