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   Digital Standard XXV Firewire   ♥   Digital Standard XXV USB  

   Digital Standard AES-EBU   ♥   Digital Statement 2 AES-EBU 

   Digital Standard XXV 75Ω      Echelon Digital se2 75Ω    



   Optimism Lotus   ♥   Optimism emm   ♥   ioGel       Digital Standard TOS



  Magic Gem se3    ♥   Prince se4   

   Ultra Cube se2   ♥   Cappuccino se2      

   Power Inlet Mod       ML Buss     Cappuccino



   Chrono speaker cable   ♥   Chrono 0114b interconnect 

   Chrono b2 speaker cable   ♥   Chrono b2 interconnect 

   AS-ONE 30 speaker cable   ♥   AS-ONE 30 interconnect  

   Hybrid v3 speaker cable     Purple v3 speaker cablene super    



All cables and accessories showcase the Aural Symphonics belief that every element and phase of production is vital and that building analog, digital, optical cable systems are more than just a business, it is an art form. Aural Symphonics cables extract high performance from your electronics, and result in achieving playback that is State of the Art. Aural Symphonics primarily sells high value products to the export market.



Aural Symphonics is designed, manufactured, sourced, and distributed with pride from the United States of America. Since the introduction of our products in the 1980s our need to introduce extensive product changes does not happen very often because we believe that product line stability is pivotal to maintaining our customers' investment in Aural Symphonics. The performance and engineering  incorporated in to our cable line has been and continues to be state of the art, which is years ahead of the competition. In current cable fashion, the competitive and crowded cable market shows very little excellence in design. The expense and production implications of constant partial to full-line upgrade seemed unwarranted to us given the historic advancements we have made with our focus on products for power, digital, optical, audio and video. Aural Symphonics takes pride from building things, not confronting other companies' designs.


Our latest analog audio and digital audio cable products not only set totally new performance standards, they push the envelope of performance, they look absolutely fabulous, and they represent a lot of value. This is a real breakthrough for Aural Symphonics, our dealers, and our customers.


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